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Trinidad & Tobago

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Disclaimer: These articles are not intended as professional advice.


Kidney Cleaner

Edited by kemet Newsletter (2014)

Years pass by and our kidneys are filtering the blood by removing salt, poison and any unwanted entering our body. With time, the salt accumulates and this needs to undergo cleaning treatments and how are we going to overcome this?

It is very easy, first take a bunch of Parsley (Malli Leaves) and wash it clean.Then cut it in small pieces and put it in a pot and pour clean water. Boil it for ten minutes and let it cool down. Filter it and pour it in a clean bottle and keep it inside refrigerator to cool. 

Drink one glass daily and the salt and other accumulated poison will come out of your kidney via urination. Parsley is known as best cleaning treatment for kidneys and it is natural.


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