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Trinidad & Tobago

50 Plus Of Canada

The Consulate General

Of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago

In Toronto

Phone: 1-416-495-9442/3

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: 185 Sheppard Avenue West Toronto Ont. M2N 1M9


Machine Readable Passport

Loss Passport Instruction

Restoration of Citizenship

Emergency Certificate Instruction

Duel Citizenship

Nationals of Trinidad and Tobago can access a variety of services at the Consulate General for

Trinidad and Tobago in Toronto. The immigration services include the replacement of a

lost/stolen/mutilated Trinidad and Tobago passport, obtaining an emergency travel document

for travel to Trinidad and Tobago, making an application for a new Machine Readable Passport

or the restoration of one's Trinidad and Tobago citizenship.

Consular Services include the notarization of documents, the witnessing of powers of attorney,

the verification of documents and the shipping of human remains to Trinidad and Tobago.

Nationals wishing to obtain a letter to certify the authenticity of their Trinidad & Tobago

driver's permit can make an application for this letter at the Consulate General. Nationals

wishing to access these services must make an appointment at the Consulate General. 

Returning Nationals

There are various tax and duty concessions available to returning nationals, diplomats,

corporations, charitable organizations , sporting bodies and religious organizations involved in

importing household effects, goods and vehicles. However, the extent of relief and process for

accessing the waivers vary from group to group.